Friday, August 1, 2008


Ingrid had to have shots today. Apparently I was not on the ball, and didn't get them administered when she turned four. I was positive I had, but looking back, she was only given a flu shot before her birthday, and I didn't go back after her fourth to have the actual four-year shots given to her.

She doesn't like shots.

I have never seen her soooooooo angry before. I had to hold her down and pin her arms down. Up in Nearly Canada, when more than one shot was to be given, the immunization tech would call in a backup and they would do 3-2-1-tag team! It was awwwwwsummmmmm. Not so awsome here. Four pokes. Separately. With a generous break in time between each poke. Poor girl. I was sad for her. But then she got a dum-dum (lollipop) and a My Pretty Pony sticker, and life was better.


Kirsten said...

Although the medical system here in Nearly Canada is lacking in many ways, I will say that their approach to shots is fantastic! Get it all over with quick and painfully... but then it's done.

Kellie said...

That's awful! I can't believe they didn't try to do them together. We had a nurse once who had a "two shots at the same time" talent. And it was so much easier on the kids!

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