Friday, August 29, 2008

six foot long purple rope

I think my blog entries have been a biiiiitttt toooo serrrriouuuusssss lately, so I offer up to you the most useless accessory in Almost Mexico, AZ: a six foot long purple wool scarf.

Two weeks ago I decided to teach myself how to was truly a whim. I was driving down a major road in town, and saw a store I have passed a million times, Purls. I said to myself, "why not" and turned in. I walked out with a book, 3 skeins of wool yarn and a new hobby. My paternal grandmother crocheted, as do my husband's Aunt Joyce and my sister in law, Trina. Aunt Joyce has made quite a few things for me and the girls, including a darling dolly dress (which is on a big stuffed teddy bear). Trina had knit a really cute baby cap for Ingy when she was tiny, but has recently taken up crochet. I like how portable it is...I even took my purple rope to Starbucks last Tuesday morning. It even was the impetus for a conversation with the gentleman at the next table...apparently another "yarn lady" (who is quite skilled) frequents "my" Starbucks often. Maybe I'll hit her up for pointers.

This is my first project from an actual pattern. It is probably the easiest crochet pattern ever written, so I can't brag about it tooooo much. I do like how it accessorizes my favorite chair.
So now what is next? I think I'll start working on a dolly blanket for Ilsa to swaddle her baby dolly...she's constantly wanting to use one of Ingrid's dolly blankets.


Kellie said...

Awesome job! I had no idea you had just started!

stephanie j. said...

I'm AMAZINGLY SURPRISED that I can do this! I'm not a crafty person at all. Cooking yes, crafts nu uh. I tried quilting with disastrous results.

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