Saturday, August 2, 2008


One thing that is changing for me now that I'm approaching Four-D: headaches. A lot. My doctor isn't concerned about some massive too-mah or anything. She says it's hormones. What a pain! I keep Excedrin Migraine stocked as a staple. Which leads me to my topic:

I have about 6 weeks remaining to my 4th decade on planet earth. You see, when you turn 40, you actually have lived within five decades...think about it! 0 - 9 is the first decade; 10 - 19 is the second; 20 - 29 is the third; 30 - 39 is the fourth; AND YOU HIT 40 AND IT'S THE START OF YOUR FIFTH DECADE! Arghhhh!!!!

"They" say that 40 is the new 30. I do have to be thankful that I don't feel almost 40, except when I get these stinkin' headaches. So I guess if I get rid of the headaches, I'll feel 30 again.

How's that for circuitous logic....what else do you expect on a Saturday morning typing with a headache?

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Kellie said...

Hey, have you read the book by Dr. John R Lee called "What the Doctor May NOT tell you about Pre-menopause: Balancing your hormones from thirty-fifty"

I read it because i was having huge PMS icky-ness.

I realized some things about myself while reading this book and am following Dr Lee's natural progesterone plan. And it works! I have had almost no PMS symptoms and less migraine issues.

Anyway, if you haven't heard about this they have a copy in our cities library system..go check it out!

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