Sunday, July 25, 2010

new, promising film production company, "beloved pictures"

Check out Beloved's upcoming projects list. Here's a teaser: one of the films involves a bus to the afterlife.

Friday, July 16, 2010

our work cut out

We are officially in our home. Woo hoo! The move was not that bad, but as with any move, there are always a few bumps and things that make you wonder, "what were they thinking?"

Like how the unpackers emptied all of the boxes in this room and put EVERYTHING onto the bed? They followed this same procedure in Ingrid's room, and our room as well. So, in order to make the beds, we had to take everything off: bathroom towels, bedding, toys, shoes, clothing, pictures, etc... I think it would have been better had they left the boxes unpacked.

When they unpacked the kitchen, I asked them if they could unpack onto the shelves. They told me that they don't put things away. So, they just dumped them onto the shelves. I found carving knives NEXT to the knife block, blades exposed and all mixed up with cups and dishes. Yikes. I'm glad I was still half awake when I found them, or else there might have been the second trip to the ER in a week.

But my favorite find so far has been the upside down, open, empty box of Biz laundry detergent powder in a box of laundry room supplies like clothes pins, dryer sheets and liquid laundry detergent. The Biz box is empty because the entire contents are now spilled outside of the box. The laundry supplies weren't even supposed to be packed (I had set all of the cleaning supplies and chemicals aside). Nice. At least it smells really good.

We also have gained some insight into the girls' personalities: Ingrid couldn't work fast enough to get her room completely tidy. It is already organized and beautiful...the only room in the house that is even close to looking normal. Ilsa, on the other hand, couldn't start playing with her toys fast enough. She had every toy box and carton that had been placed into her room open and strewn about. Her room is crazy.

I got the TV, DVD player and PS3 set up. Tomorrow I'll get the kitchen and dining room cleaned up, the iMac set up and the stereo hooked-up. And then come the books books books books books...

Monday, July 12, 2010

first post from almost by the atlantic

We arrived at our new Almost by the Atlantic home early this afternoon. We haven't physically moved in yet (we are still in a hotel), but will be doing so the next few days. The next adventure will be unpacking.

I just couldn't stop staring at the verdant woods and fields as we made our way east. Our trip started in such a brown and dry landscape, and witnessed the gradual transition into sage green somewhere in New Mexico, through green fields in Texas, and then saw the eye-soothing rolling hills of Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia. This new location is quite the polar opposite of our former desert home.

So, what have I done the past 14 days? I have...

1) driven 2,253+ miles. My legs are begging for the gym.

2) ingested too many Spree candies (my mouth is sore), stopped at one too many Subways ("I'll have a 6" Club on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumber, spinach if you have it, and mustard and a little bit of mayo, please" just rolls off my tongue) and have witnessed many scary gas station bathrooms.

3) slept on eight board-hard mattresses. I have also learned that if you have the choice between the two, always choose the Marriott Residence Inn over a Fairfield Inn. It is often the same price, perhaps $5 to $10 more a night, but often provides two completely separate rooms.

4) heard at least a dozen distinct American dialects...I can clearly tell the difference between Texan and Tennesseean.

5) watched Seasons One through Four of BBC's Dr. Who (more episodes than I care to admit having watched) streamed on Netflix while Mr. BikeMan played his shoot-shoot-bang-bang game on PS3 (he had the movers unpack it at the last minute so he could play in our various hotels).

5) held my breath through quite a few speed traps seen at the last minute.

6) discovered that eating dinner from food purchased at the grocery store is waaaay better than eating at out at restaurants every night. Woo hoo for the Kroger salad bar, produce department and deli.

7) swam almost 14 days in a row, except for Midland, Texas...I was too wimpy. It was honestly cold.

8) come to understand that "it's a dry heat" really does have merit.

9) listened to the voice track of the same 6 children's DVDs too many times to count. My girls really do love mermaids.

10) managed to resort to the McD's drive through only twice!

11) confirmed that every single time you get sent to the ER, it is a guaranteed three hours. We spent the morning in the ER in Little Rock, Arkansas...Ilsa woke up with a recurrence of her strep from the week before we were packed up. It apparently didn't clear up, so they gave her a monster of a shot and some antibiotics to kill it dead.

12) said "girls, go to sleep" more times than I ever thought possible -- but I can commiserate. It must be awfully hard for little people to sleep in the same room as grown ups who are up for three hours past their bedtime.
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