Sunday, December 20, 2009


I think people would DEFINITELY notice Chad if he had this installed on his bike. I better start saving up now for Christmas next year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wordless wednesday - kung fu candy cane

it pains me to say ...

After much soul searching, I've finally decided that the girls will not be seeing Disney's "The Princess and the Frog". My concern all along has been the presence of voodoo, and wondering how the story would resolve itself... in other words, how was the spell broken? Well unfortunately, Disney decided to use a "good" voodoo practitioner to break the spell, calling upon the hero and heroine to "dig a little deeper" and find the solution from within. (Not my is from the insightful review by Dr. Russell Moore.)

I'm bummed. I wanted the girls to see a "princess" unlike others. A strong, confident, beautiful girl.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

paper Christmas stars

I have become mildly obsessed with Froebel stars this past week. These three-dimensional stars are also known as German or Danish stars, which probably have other names as well, are a traditional Christmas decoration in Germanic and Scandinavian homes.

I have had really good success using plain white craft paper on a roll. I had tried using standard 12x12" scrapbooking paper taping the joint, but it looked tacky. Apparently good quality wrapping paper also works well.

I don't believe the video tells you the supply needs: you have to cut the strips at a ratio of 1:20 or more; so, if you decide you want the strip 1 inch wide, you need the strip to be 20" long.

I'll post when I have a few that are complete: dipped in wax and glittered.

I found this beautiful version made out of sheet music over at the Abbie's Road blog. She gives good directions as well.

In the meantime, here's a great YouTube video demonstrating how to make them. (Part II is linked at the end of this video):

Friday, December 11, 2009

mcdonald's rant

Okay, no flack about MickeyD's please -- we went as a special treat for the girls today. Anyway, I got the girls Happy Meals. Now, I'm no big fan of the commercialization of childhood as you all know, with so much children's stuff having tie-ins to characters, but the occasional My Little Pony or Hello Kitty isn't the end of the world. But, what in the world? AVATAR themed Happy Meals? Isn't that movie rated PG-13? Now, Chad and I would love to see that looks exciting and well made. But for 3 year olds and up? Good grief!


Ilsa is really afraid of this little clock we have in the girls' room. Unfortunately, Ingrid ADORES it. It acts as a very gentle night light, and at 7:00 am (or other programmed time) changes from gentle yellow to a friendly green indicating that it is okay to get up. Ilsa told us that she had had a bad dream about the clock. In her dream, it turned bright red, jumped off of the dresser and ran over to her bed. Clearly a frightening image!

So, a couple of nights ago (well, really, very EARLY morning - about 2 am) Chad and I were woken up by a little voice coming through the baby monitor (which we still have active in the girls' room). We heard, "Ding................dong..............ding...............dong........." This went one for about 2 minutes. Ilsa was "ding donging" as a preemptive strike against Scary Clock.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

you know you are tired when... watch an entire 2+ hour-long movie thinking that it was the Director's "Vision" to jump around the space-time continuum, but really it's playing the chapters not chronologically, but randomly...

This is what happened to us last night. We watched the entire (awesome) new Star Trek movie on DVD. For some reason, the DVD player randomized the chapters. This is not even an option on our DVD menu!! At the end of the movie, I turned to Chad and said something to the effect of, "Wow! J. J. Abrams is such a good director. Even with all of that jumping around, I got the gist of the plot!"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

amoretti blog is back, up and running!

One of my favorite blogs hasn't been updated recently...but she's back! Check out the Amoretti "Fortnightly Purse" blog for a chance to win one of her wonderful prizes.
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