Friday, August 29, 2008

10 things for which I am thankful

Not in any particular order...

1. my robust sourdough starter

2. the cooooool thunderstorm last night

3. my cawfee tawk time with Kellie A.

4. that Chad is home today and monday

5. that our beautiful mesquite didn't break when it fell over during last night's storm

7. online Bible websites

8. the cool Chewbacca Star Wars bobblehead toys from "Old McDonald's" last night (yep, this crunchy granola mom occasionally takes my girls to Mickey D's because it brings JOY to their hearts!) (CORA, ignore this one!)

9. Ingrid and Ilsa having tickle wars with Daddy

10. Cook's Illustrated online and Epicurious online


Kellie said...

That storm last night was scary!!!!

Our front door is metal and the hail was hitting the door and all four windows at the front of the house. I was sure our windows were going to break!

So glad that your tree didn't get damaged (just knocked over right?)!

stephanie j. said...

Just knocked over. We're going to bungee it back to stakes this afternoon. I am glad that the wood is pretty soft still. I think the canopy got really overgrown though. Probably too much water.

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