Friday, August 29, 2008

friday fun

I cut up a canteloupe for snack today. I had chunked up the first half and was called away for something. I came back and "somebody" just couldn't wait. I love the perfect little bite mark.

I'm always scrounging for crafts, so I thought I'd post this idea for other scrounging moms. It was fun, and took about an hour. (Aren't there just some days when the LENGTH OF TIME of the craft is just as important as how cool it is?) I just cut out butterfly shapes from foam sheets I got at Michael's. The shapes were just bits and pieces from those bags of foam shape stickers that are always on sale there.

Our tree fell over during last night's strong thunderstorm. I had just taken down the stakes this week. Glad I kept 'em. I called the local knowledgable nursery and they said I didn't do wrong unstaking the tree (they don't even like staking trees) but that mesquites only send out roots as far as the water moistens the soil. There is only one drip emitter on this tree and it is right next to the trunk, hence a very underdeveloped root system. We're going to have to cut into our front yard and add some emitters (not a hard job). We have to restake it asap as it looks like there's another whomper storm coming. And the local weather guys all thought the monsoons were done for the can never second guess God, huh?


Kellie said...

I LOVE crafts!

As a matter of fact, i cannot wait to get back to NC so that I can unpack my craft/glitter/sewing boxes and get to work on Christmas stuff!

I always wondered why those big 'ole mesquite tree had teeny, tiny roots. You learn something every day!

Kathy_in_Colorado said...

Here's a tip for you on the butterflies. Attach clothespin to the back and pin them all over your house. On curtains, plants, picture frames, cabinet corners, hanging lights, lamps, etc. ;)

Great looking craft! Good job!


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