Saturday, August 2, 2008

10 Things For Which I am Thankful

Order not relevant:

1. Return of the monsoon rains after one week-ish break.
2. The vast knowledge database which is the world wide web.
3. The vast shopping mall which is the world wide web. (Found coolest-evah lunchboxes this week.)
4. Excedrin migraine.
5. Tabletalk magazine. (
6. Jon and Kate Plus 8 (which reminds me that patience and strength is given in the amount needed when we ask the Lord to provide it.)
7. My friend KB who is willing to listen to me even when I have been on a 9 month complaint streak...and is still giving Godly advice.)
8. A vehicle that gets 25 mpg instead of 10 mpg, and a husband who not only is willing to bike to work, but loves biking to work.
9. The pool pass. (Disclaimer: not the actual Base pool. Wouldn't that be nice?)
10. Health insurance.

11.* Makeup (see previous post)

* A bonus item.

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