Monday, August 4, 2008

Day One Results - Experimental Eating


(Is this good??? I should ask that before the exclamation point). Lunch was the most expensive meal because Chad bought stuff after he ate his from-home lunch at 9:30. Mutter mutter, that snacker, mutter mutter.

Ilsa had cereal with strawberry yogurt and frozen raspberries, 1/4 cup OJ
Ingrid had two slices of toast, frozen raspberries and water
Steph had granola with strawberry yogurt, coffee and OJ
String cheese sticks, Ritz crackers - am
Popcorn, carrot sticks, "ants on a log" (apple wedges with PB and raisins) - pm - the traditional snackier snack
Ingrid & Ilsa had Mac & Cheese and a fruit smoothie with OJ, banana, yogurt, yoney and frozen raspberries. They also had cake as a reward for being very agreeable to the "food game" thus far.
Grilled bone-in chicken breasts (hugely on sale - couldn't have done it without the sale price)
Green salad with tomatoes, yellow peppers (from our garden), cukes and homemade dressing
Cake - I've got to get this huge thing out of my fridge...

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