Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sourdough Starter Take II

The last time I tried sourdough was up in Nearly Canada, North Dakota. After two or three hoochie, stinky, moldy and downright nasty attempts, I gave up and just went back to standard, although delicious yeast breads.

That trendy "no knead bread" recipe came along, and is really good, and even kind of sour if you follow the Cook's Illustrated recipe which cheats by adding a bit of cheap lager beer and a tablespoon of vinegar. But now, I'm getting bored with that and I want to build some real sourdough.

So, on my counter right now is a really bad smelling (eau du barf) starter. I think I've failed again. This was a "no fail" rye and water starter. Maybe I'll go back up to The Fresh Loaf site and try the deluxe natural starter that many posters on the site say works great:


According to sourdough experts on thefreshloaf, it is exactly odiferously bad as it should be right won't smell "sourdoughy" for a couple of days. Phew....maybe I'll succeed this time!

Final 8/1/08
Starter II
b. Monday 7/28/08
d. a few days later...
RIP. I knew ye little. Back to the drawing board.


Kellie said...

ONCe we get to NC I might try this. I love sourdough but the times I have tried to make some starter it never really made the bread sour.

And usually the starter ended up moldy or worse!

Stephanie Says... said...

I just started a new starter. (That sounds funny...) I'll send you the link to my "new foolproof method". Isn't it funny how everyone's method is foolproof?

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