Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coolest lunchboxes ever!

Ingrid starts preschool in two weeks (arghhh!!!) and she needed a lunchbox. I needed something insulated because of the heat here in Almost Mexico. After googling "modern insulated lunchbox" I found these little pieces of awesomeness. They completely unzip to create a placemat, too! And they hold up to 10 pounds of lunch...10 pounds???!!! Oh, and they cost less than the cheapo Barbie lunchbox at Target for $12.99. Check them out at the Built NY website: http://www.builtny.com/showPage.php?pageID=1611.(but they only take Amex...I don't have one of those...). I did find a site (Mamas and Munchkins) that shipped two for standard shipping for $2.95, though: http://www.mamasandmunchkins.com/built-ny-m-68.html. I got Ingrid the pink panda, and Ilsa the green bunny.

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