Monday, July 28, 2008

Does God have an opinion about coloring books?

Ingrid got a really cool coloring book yesterday of reproductions of stained glass windows from European cathedrals. The pictures are printed on vellum so you can put them up on windows to let the light shine through the colors. There are pictures of apostles, Mary and Joseph, a rose window...

and....Satan (or as they called him, Fiend). She was really interested in this picture at first, wanting to know all about his pointed teeth and horns. We explained that Satan doesn't look like that really, but probably is beautiful because he is the Father of Lies and an Angel of Light to try and deceive people. She kept saying, "hey, look at Satan, look at Satan."

After church today she could hardly wait to paint a page. She announced, "God wouldn't want me to color this picture, so Mommy, will you tear it out and throw it away? Thanks, Mommy."

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