Wednesday, September 3, 2008

yeast explosion

In one spectacular oops this morning, I dropped my 1 quart glass mason jar filled with active dried yeast. There were about 2 1/2 CUPS of dried yeast in there. (I buy yeast in bulk from Costco.) Dried yeast acts like little b-b's on tile. It took the hand-vac, the upright vac and a very vigorous mopping to get it all up. I'm sure I have a very yeasty kitchen now -- let's hope whoever buys our home next is a bread baker.

The good news is that the weather seems to have calmed down here. I've been having problems for about a month baking standard yeast breads (sandwich, etc.). The dough would proof HUGE and then collapse in the oven into a dense bread brick. I called the King Arthur Flour help line, and they said it had to do with the barometric pressure fluxuations from the monsoons. Sourdough is fine, though. I wonder if it is because sourdough proofs so slowly. Today (Wednesday) I made the same recipe that I made on Monday. Monday's brick is about half-eaten; not very popular. Today's bread is gorgeous. Yippee!

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