Sunday, September 7, 2008

woo hoo for costco

I made an amazingly fast Costco run last night. Chad dropped me off at the door and drove around the parking lot while I buzzed the store. My goals: Costco refrigerated cheese pizza, a hunk of parmesano reggiano (I just like to type that out because it sounds pretty in my head sounding it out...), 3 pack of english cukes, gummy vites for the kidlins and a monster sized vacuum sealed pack of yeast.

Pizza was a zippo - only had the nasty meat combo ones (I think very few people even buy those -- there were about a zillion of them there in neat little stacks); I exchanged that for a scarily expensive bag of frozen halibut filets...but they were still 50% less than the frozen filets at the Commissary... Got the other stuff and the holy grail of my Costco trip, that hermetically sealed 36 ounce brick of yeast. Woo hoo! $3.99!

I only share this because I had gone to another local big chain grocery store whose parent company is K_ _ _ _ R. A "bulk" - ha ha!!! 4 ounce jar of Red Star " yeast was $9.99 there! I AM NOT KIDDING. I thought it was a misprint. I re-read the price tag a couple of times thinking they put the jars in the wrong row...

And oh, I got out of Costco in less than 15 minutes on a Saturday afternoon at 5:30!

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