Thursday, September 4, 2008

black helicopters

About once a month around 3 am a US Border Patrol helicopter jolts us from the deepest sleep buzzing over our house. They circle our neighborhood about three times with powerful searchlights which make our backyard look as bright as day. Last night was our turn again. It never ceases to freak me out while at the same time brings out the Mrs. Kravitz in me. I jump out of bed, peek out the window and watch the show.

Our housing development is in a nice area, but adjacent to a large expanse of uninhabited desert close to the freeway. We know they are looking for illegals crossing over from Mexico through the desert.

The first time the helicopters buzzed our home at 2:00 am (about a year ago) I was terrified that there was a prison break at the maximum security facility that isn't close to us, but is close enough to make me think of it. I was terrified.

I never go back to sleep very after a black helicopter night and always feel unsettled the next day. Politics and immigration policy aside, the thought of people out in the desert running from those searchlights makes me sad. They are literally dying of thirst out there during the day and pursued by searchlights at night. I also wonder if this is the way it's going to be during the Tribulation -- Christians running from the Black Helicopters?

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