Monday, September 1, 2008

product placement = method dish

Brought home the new Method Smarty Dish dishwasher detergent cubes this week. Besides being packaged in the standard (understatement) wonderful Method packaging, and having one of those wonderful Method fragrances (pink grapefruit -- smells like pink PEZ is doing your dishes!) they work SOOOOO well. The first time I used Method, no residue. No little bits of food gunk. And that wonderful smell.

Downsides: the smell, shape and texture make them appear to be a really large candy such as a SweetTart; in fact Ilsa asked if they were candy. Secondly, the cost. While they are currently on sale at Target for $4.99, the regular cost is $5.99 for 20 tablets (20 washes). If you have really soft water, according to my dishwasher manufacturer, you can break tablets in half, which would be deal! Unfortunately, we have really hard water, so we need every last little granule of cleaning agent in that little tablet.

However, I have been handwashing more lately -- I love the feel of the Method dishwashing soap -- seriously, the suds are velvety. There's a level of instant gratification in doing dishes by hand. Zip, they're done. The scented versions are really nice (cucumber, pink grapefruit, french lavender), but I love the unscented and dye-free "Go Naked" variety. Although unscented, it does have a lovely slightly sweet smell from the natural cleaning agents I suppose. A recent issue of Cook's Illustrated also gave it their highly recommended rating for dishwashing soap. Given these facts, I might switch permanently to the Smarty Dish Cubes.

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