Friday, July 10, 2009

it's just rust-ic-uhh-lous!

Ingrid is trying to clean up the family room before Daddy gets home, and Ilsa just won't help (this is a different issue altogether that I will be addressing with her when I'm done with this post). But I just have to laugh, as Ingrid has now picked up a phrase from me: "it's just ridiculous!"; however, she exclaims in Ingridese, "it's just rust-ic-uhh-lous!" I'm secretly laughing in the office.

On a happier note, here's my most-recent Peter Reinhart creation: poolish*-method focaccia (or in Ingridese, "oh-catch-uh". I topped it with an herbal infusion of garlic, fresh basil, rosemary and Italian flat-leaf parsley from the garden. *A poolish is a pre-ferment similar to a biga or a sponge. Flour, water and yeast is mixed minimally to only moisten the flour uniformly; then you sit it on the counter in the bowl until it is bubbly and foamy -- 2 - 4 hours -- and then refrigerate it overnight or longer. It adds lots of flavor and a chewy, hole-filled texture.)


A Fun Family said...

The kids and I are enjoying your post about Ingrid here at breakfast. Caroline likes Ingy's glasses too :)

Joy said...

That is precious. You'll be saying ridiculous like that for years.
I remember when Paige was about 3 she told me she was trying to have a comberation (conversation) we still say that to this day and she's 13.
Love those memories.
I'd love a bite of that bread.


Kellie said...

Your blog posts on bread make me want to go on a carb bender.

It's just rust-ic-uhh-lous!

But really, your bread looks fantastic....

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