Saturday, July 25, 2009


Our garden bounty is really starting to pile up now. Two baby red potatoes (emphasis on baby). Every bell pepper has rotted on the vine. Our beans died. Tomatoes are languishing. Those promising watermelon are rotting one by one -- we had ten fruit, and are now down to 4 healthy specimen.

Gardening in Almost Mexico, AZ is definitely an uphill battle. If we were going to be here for years and year, I know we would do a lot more to make this work, perhaps some adjustable sail shades to shield the burning sun, permanent irrigation, etc. I know one thing: I have gained much respect for those who have developed skill gardening in the desert.

I may or may not post's hard to post pictures of nothing. Well, I decided they are:


The Langes said...

We are having the same problems here in Texas....our beans and peas all died, peppers are really small and some are rotting, cantelope isn't doing well. The only thing doing ok is tomatoes but the birds keep eating them before I can pick them.

Joy said...

That stinks. It has been a rough year even in TX with our lack of rain.
Have you gone to and keyed in your zip code. It tells you when to plant things for your area. Maybe you'll get more in the fall months than summer. I'm kind of giving up until we start getting some rain here.


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