Tuesday, July 21, 2009

crochet update

Thanks to Yarn Jeannie for her help on my most-recent project. I did something a little simpler than the beautiful pattern she suggested, but am going to use her suggested pattern soon...I have quite a few baby blankets in the queue!

Well, here's the blankie I finished for Baby Collette, who is probably on her way as I am posting. It's definitely not heirloom quality -- little raggedy ends just popped out all over after I washed it. I just don't make tight stitches (I even undersized the hook by a size) and subsequently, the ends don't remain hidden. I think my problem is that I like using lighter-weight yarns. I did like the color combo of this blanket, though: I called it "strawberry cream chocolate bon bon" over on my ravelry.com project page.

1 comment:

Joy said...

That is yummy looking. Love the colors all strawberry and chocolatey.
I know they will love it.


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