Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This morning, Ingrid came into our room complaining of owies on her leg. She had been bitten overnight in two places by an insect of some sort (probably a spider). The bites looked pretty sore and itchy, so I put some topical Benadryl on them. As the morning progressed, it became apparent that these bites were not going to feel better anytime soon. She started complaining of a headache, and feeling generally yucky. I knew she really must not be feeling well when I told the girls that we needed to go up to Base to run some errands, and she didn't want to go. She always loves outings.

One of the stops was the pharmacy to pick up an Rx, so I dropped by the Peds clinic to have her checked out. By this time, each of the bites were easily the size of a silver dollar and raised a good quarter of an inch. The triage nurse told me to give her some oral Benadryl and just watch for changes in the way they look.

As of tonight, the Benadryl hasn't reduced the swelling or redness at all, but they haven't gotten any worse either. Poor Ingy.

Ilsa just has kind of gone with the flow...bless her heart! Oh, and tonight, she didn't even ask for her Sassy once.


Kellie said...

Oh no!

Praying they get better! keep us updated!

Also, I have sent a little bloggy award your way!

stephanie j. said...

Soooo much better today! I was so concerned that it was a brown recluse bite. She felt so yucky yesterday, but I think she is actually just coming down with a cold, as Ilsa is also kind of "blah" today too. I'm actually happy to see colds coming on!

stephanie j. said...

PS What's a bloggy? But thanks in advance!

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