Friday, October 3, 2008

bread = four day sourdough

Okay, I'm not convinced that this bread was worth four days of preparation. The flavor was really, really good, but not outstanding. I think I can find a better recipe that doesn't take four days, and still yields a great-tasting loaf. To its credit, the recipe did yield three loaves, but this was the best of the bunch.
On the other hand, I got to use my brand new bread lame ("luhmay" - fancy schmanzy french bread slashing tool) to create this pretty cool design on the top of the loaf, and new baguette pan which did help achieve a very crunchy crust. Thanks mom for the great birthday presents!

1 comment: said...

The bread looks good from here, although I am trying the limited carb diet. My wife would chew right on my screen right now if I showed her.

Thanks for praying for Spencer and his family. I know we are strangers, but they need all the love available, and so I really appreciate you dropping into the blog.

Here's to rising bread and miracles.

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