Friday, October 3, 2008

crochet = mini snuggly baby blanket

Ingrid received a beautiful mini blanket when she was born from a dear friend of mine. Ingrid still loves her "softie" and feels lost without it during stressful times. It used to be pink, and is now sort of dirty tan.

So when a friend of mine had a little baby boy about two weeks ago, I decided to crochet a mini blankie for him. I hope he likes it even a fraction as much as Ingrid loves hers.


Kellie said...

OH Stef! It's beautiful! You are really coming along in the crochet aren't you!

That will be one happy baby!

stephanie j. said...

Thanks Kellie! I'm pretty surprised how easily it came to me. I'm really having fun with this craft. I finally found a crafty thing that I am actually GOOD at! I hope the baby loves it.

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