Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1 down, 30 to go...

30 days to Halloween. Yep. 30. I've been hearing about the candy explosion day for oh, 11 months now. Ingrid has asked me every day, at least 5 times a day, if she can be:

  • Princess (Easy)
  • Pink Princess (Easy)
  • Ducky Fairy Princess Mermaid (Not so easy)
  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid -- tail logistics could be a problem)
  • Jasmine (no way...too much like a belly dancer)
  • Belle (a personal favorite)
  • One of The Incredibles (would've been SOOOOO cute - red shirt and leggings would've been practical, too!)
  • Wall-E (a box...what could be easier?)
  • Eve from Wall-E (hmmmm, a white garbage can?)
  • Hula Badula Girl (hula girl...) (See Jasmine)
  • A genie (See Jasmine)
  • A door (Huh? Maybe we could've tacked the 95 theses...appropriate considering it is Reformation Day the next day)
  • A rubber duckie in a bubble bath (easier than you might think...)
Ilsa would then chime in echoing whatever Ingrid said, except for a while, she really wanted to be Jack Jack from The Incredibles. With pretend fire on her head.
The question is now finally settled: Ariel and Cinderella. Thank you Target for reasonable, cute costumes.


Kirsten said...

i think the real question needs to be whether or not these costumes survive for another 29 days?

stephanie j. said...

I got smart and put them in the furthest reaches of the high bar in their closet. Out of sight, hopefully out of mind!

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