Monday, January 31, 2011


It's only been a little less than three months since we set up our fishtank, and we have fallen so in love with fish that Mr. BikeMan decided on the spur of the moment yesterday on the way home from church to upgrade the tank - more than doubling the size from the small 4 gallon to a much larger 10 gallon.

We also purchased some new fish to add to the collection. Of course, we've named them Whovian names:

We have two of these silverbacks who are Cyberman One and Two.

The orange guppy with the red tail on top is Bad Wolf. Below her are Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler and Donna. They apparently are being chased by a few Daleks.

We have six tetra: three are specifically named Dalek Caan, Dalek Sek and the Supreme Dalek.
Can't tell 'em apart of course.

The new kingdom. Notice that it is defended. (He's camouflaged.)

Mr. BikeMan was a little offended that we had changed Hamlet's name in the first place from Mister T (because of his black tail -- looks like a mohawk) and then last week we re-named him, a second time, as the Doctor. I'm sure that the girls will continue to call him Doctor, but to Mr. BikeMan, he'll always be Mister T.

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Daisy said...

Beautiful tank! We love our fish also. It is a fun and easy pet. We probably should replenish our stock of fish. Unfortunately our sucker fish has grown to over 7 inches long and now fish are disappearing. O_o

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