Monday, January 24, 2011

we've repopulated the fish tank

The saga of the fish tank continues...

As you know, the primary cast of Hamlet dies in the end, well, except for Horatio, but we didn't have a fish named after him last go-round, and in our case, though, Hamlet did survive.

So, we made a trip to the pet store after school today to try, try again. The girls have named the new fish as follows:
  • Ingrid's orange fish (a Molly) is Rose Tyler
  • Ilsa's gold fish (a Molly) is Donna Noble
  • (I think their names are backwards, but the girls are adamant that is how they want them named...)
  • My silver fish with the orange tail is Jackie Tyler (because I'm the Mom, and I'm Ingrid's Mom, and Jackie is Rose's's that for logic?)
  • The albino catfish is the TARDIS
  • Since they've changed the naming scheme from Hamlet to Doctor Who, Mr. BikeMan's fish (the silver one with the black tail) is now The Doctor, the 10th Doctor to be specific.
We've already had a grand time watching these new, much more active fish swim around... Here's hoping the cast of Doctor Who fares better than the cast of Hamlet!

1 comment:

Kellie said...

I cannot believe you replaced Aquamarine Bubbles Candycane so quickly! ;) (giggle)

Good job on the names! I hope they live a good deal longer than the first castle occupant!

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