Thursday, January 27, 2011


On the way home from picking up Ingrid from school the other afternoon, she announced that she wants to move to England.

I said, "Ingrid, did you know that the United States used to be a part of the British Empire? We used to be English." We do live near quite a few key Revolutionary War sites, after all, and we remind the girls often of our great nation's history.

She replied a bit petulantly, "I don't want to be American anymore. I want to be English!"

Perhaps I have her watch one too many BBC costume dramas, Doctor Who episodes, or left too many Austen and Dickens novels laying about.

Then she asked, "How long does it take to drive to England?" I suppose a geography lesson is in order.

PS I thought this photo was a bit Twiggy (with longer hair). Those are my boots, by the way.

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