Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Every holiday has that certain treat that just

Halloween: candy corn
Christmas: mint Frangoes
Easter: Cadbury Mini Eggs
Valentine's Day: Sweehearts -- the real ones

I just can't say no to the girls when they ask for those little pink boxes of Sweethearts. I love 'em too. The purple (grape) is my favorite, with yellow (banana) a very close second. And don't you dare try and sneak a generic brand into my candy dish. I can tell the difference.

When Mr. BikeMan and I first started dating, Valentine's Day rolled around, and he bought a box of Sweethearts for us to share. We sat at the counter of a casual Russian restaurant in Bellevue Square in Bellevue, Washington, and he handed them to me one by one. He'd saved the best for last: "I Love You". True story.

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Molly F said...

I am completely on board with ALL of your required holiday candy choices! Great minds (and palates) think alike! And what a sweet story about the candy hearts back when you were dating. I've not heard that story before. Cute.

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