Sunday, February 20, 2011

disney princessification

Yesterday I took the girls to see Disney on Ice, Princess Dreams. It was a bunch of hoo-haa about "if you wish it, it can come true". Truly don't think they caught onto the silly storyline about wishing and dreams, etc...they just wanted to see Ariel and the gang spin and jump on the ice -- and they ate it up. It was a pretty great show, especially the portions with The Little Mermaid...none of those pictures turned out though.

Belle, Lumiere and the cutlery.

Ilsa and her uber-expensive Tinkerbell spinner.

Ingrid is A LOT happier than she looks. She just hates having her picture taken.

Ditto the comment above.

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Molly F said...

So glad you had a fun outing to Disney on Ice with your girls. What a fun memory for them. I remember distinctly going to the Ice Capades as an early elementary aged kid, and was thrilled and enamored with the experience for years to come. Hmmm - perhaps this explains something about my intrigue w/ the Winter Olympics too?:-)

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