Saturday, February 12, 2011

barbie tells her side of the story

Interviewer: So, tell us Barbie, what was it really like to sit like a statue on top of a cake for 8 hours. Did you feel...used? Abused?

Barbie: Oh yes, Barbara, I did. I felt used, humiliated, less than...plastic. It was the most horrible experience of my of my entire life. (Dabbing her eyes...) There I was sitting on that horrid fondant-covered cake. Not even frosting! It was hard and smooth. No cush for my bony tush.

And then, all of these little 7 year old girls just started...STARING. It was humiliating. And then this woman with really short hair came and placed these flaming torches right next to my flipper. I...I...I thought my hair was going to catch on fire. I was TERRIFYING. (Breaks down sobbing...) And then, finally, she pulled me off of the cake, just cast me aside without even a thank you.

Just a thank you. That's all I wanted.

Just...a...thank you... (Voice trailing off, eyes cast downward...)

Interviewer: I'm so, so sorry that you had to suffer this humiliation, Barbie.

And to all of you watching this story. Maybe Barbie's bravery in the telling of her tale of humiliation will be a wake-up call about the serious topic of birthday-cake abuse.

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