Thursday, May 7, 2009

it must be summer in almost mexico, az

I went out to get the mail today while in bare feet. I forgot just how hot and ouchie the cement is when it is 100. It must be summer, and time to keep the flip flops by the front door ready for quick trips out into the molten lava. We bought a cheapie blow-up pool for the girls last weekend as we knew the heat was coming, and it is already leaking. Chad predicted this. Ilsa calls it our "balloon pool", rightly so, because despite repeated warnings to make sure that no rocks get into it, I'm sure they will, and it'll just POP and sadness will ensue.

Our tomatoes are quickly starting to ripen now. We have also added Armenian cucumbers, seedless cukes and a couple of watermelon vines. Our potatoes survived and seem to be thriving (baby reds and Yukon Gold). I am just waiting for some sets so that I can cover them up (create furrows) with dirt so they'll start maturing into taters. The beans are going to town -- have a ton of flowers starting to turn into beans. I haven't caught a picture of her doing this, but the other day I found Ilsa sitting in her little folding ladybug chair picking Italian parsley by the handful and snorfing it. She said to me, "I'm eating salad, Mommy."

Finally, I crocheted two scarves this week: one for my Mom-in-Law's birthday and one for my Mom for Mother's Day. (Don't worry, Chad's Mom gets a Mother's Day present, too...) I particularly liked this pattern called "alternating windowpanes" that I found over at the cool Crochet Me site. You can't tell from the picture, but the yarn is a white cotton encased in an aqua blue nylon netting. It's very summery with lots of slubs and imperfections. I didn't think to take a picture of the one that I made for Chad's Mom; it turned out really well, too. It just did a simple double-crochet, but I pulled long strands down and around to create this "northern lights" pattern. It was a hand-dyed cotton in navy and cobalt blue, a very vivid kelly green, acid yellow and white. Both are very cool and summery. I hope they like them.


Kellie said...

100? I'm still wearing sweaters here! Oh well, I will be there in July/August to get my fair share of sidewalk feet burns and inflatable pools!

Your garden is awesome. can't wit to get mine going this weekend, no that we are free and clear of nighttime freezing!

Joy said...

Very pretty scarves. I'm impressed with your crocheting.

Your tomatoes sure are pretty. Mine are still green. My bellpeppers and about the size of a golfball. So I'm patiently waiting on them to get bigger before I pick them.
The pool looks like fun.


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