Thursday, May 21, 2009

first day....last day

** The first day of school **

** The last day of school with her wonderful teacher "Mrs. R." **
** "Come on Ingrid, would you just smile already?"

Today was Ingrid's last day of pre-K. I just got home after a celebratory ice cream treat at Sonic drive in (eating in the car on a relatively chilly 67 degrees here in Almost Mexico!).

I'm surprisingly melancholy for a number of reasons: a milestone has been passed that will never again be visited; I loved her teacher, and she loved Ingrid; but primarily because she never liked it; she never got over the jitters of heading off to school; there was a teary day at least once a week about school, and plenty of grumbling in between times. Her heart was just never in it.

I believe we did the right thing having her in pre-K, and we are earnest and confident in our choice to homeschool. I guess I just need to move on.

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