Friday, May 22, 2009

the graduate

Ingrid graduated from Pre-K today. It was a sweet ceremony, even though we didn't catch one smile on film during the ceremony. It turns out that the preschool director had given the students strict instructions as to how to little ladies and gentlemen. Ingrid must have really taken this to heart. She was practically a statue!

Pomp & Circumstance

With the other little statues

With sweet "Mrs. R."

Now that she's a Kindergartner, I guess she will be turning up her nose at the rest of us

Ilsa did crunches during the ceremony.


Joy said...

Love the little cap on her sweet little head. What a great day. You know they feel so big.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Kirsten said...

I can hardly believe how big she is getting! My how time does fly. Yeah for Ingy!!!

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