Friday, May 29, 2009

i took down the "whatever martha" video...

I felt compelled to take down this blog post...yes it was humorous, but at the expense of a Mother. My own Mom pointed out to me the other day that she was so saddened when she heard some grown friends of hers talking about their elderly parents disrespectfully. She is right...even if that mom IS Martha Stewart, her daughter has no business humiliating her in front of the world.

I apologize for putting this video up.


Joy said...

my daughter loves watching this show. These two are funny together.
Although Alexis likes showing off her chest quite a bit on there. ;)
I never figured that out. She looks like that every episode.


stephanie j. said...

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't even notice the chest thing...seared conscience? I don't think it's okay at all! It's just a fact of life in Almost Mexico...not for me, mind you! My husband and I have had this discussion many a time -- why isn't our (very good, conservative, Bible-believing) church talking about modesty? Women dress like that at church all the time!

Aside from my seared conscience (pray pray pray), it is funny, huh?

matt n karisa said...

Steph, you should print out a bunch of the Mahaney Modesty Guides from the Girltalk blog and hand them out at the door this Sunday. ;) Seriously, it can't be any more offensive than the uncovered bosoms, right?

Joy said...

I understand where your coming from. But did you know Martha thought of this show. I read an article about this show one time. I think she wanted people to see another side of her and she is doing it thru her daughter. Plus it promotes her daughter and I think gives her something to do.
But I totally agree with you and honoring your father and mother.

I know what you mean about the exhibitionist at church. We have our share of hoochie mommas too at church sometimes. I saw this late 40 something mom at church on Easter and her dress looked just like Alexis dress on that show.
What are they thinking???

You would like Vicki Courtney of Your Girl. She is really blunt about modesty to moms and daughters.

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