Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what a way to start the day...

Mr. BikeMan got up earlier than usual this morning, around 5:00 am. He went in to check on the girls before his shower, because he had heard a suspicious "thump". Ingy was sound asleep in the top bunk, but Ilsa was GONE -- her bedsheets were messy. He came running back into our room, woke me up and said firmly, "Get your clothes on, Ilsa is not in her bed and I can't find her anywhere." Our home is only 1700 square feet, and there just aren't many places to hide. We know them all.

Panic mode. We start calling everywhere. No answer. I look under the bed, but don't see her. Garage. Backyard. No Ilsa.... we looked at least 5 minutes.

Finally, Ingrid calls out, "I hear her..." We hear this very muffled, "yes....." from deep, deep, deep under her bottom bunk. She's cuddled up in the farthest corner back behind a sleeping bag that is stuffed a stuff sack (she's in a tiny ball in the corner), using a flashlight trying to find something under the bed.

I just held her for 5 minutes once we coaxed her out.Oh, sweet Ilsa, NEVER do this again. My mind is racing, going places I don't want it to go. Parents tell you you'll laugh about this sort of thing's going to be a long time before I laugh about this one, if ever.

We don't know why she wouldn't answer, and why she wouldn't come out. DH wasn't happy, but we were relieved. This is the second time she's done in this in 6 months, but we had forgotten about the first time (also under the bed). She got a firm, but loving lecture.

Good grief, what a start to the day.


Kellie said...

Oh Steph that is the worst feeling in the world!

So glad this story had a happy ending!

matt n karisa said...

Scary. :( Glad all turned out well. I have an older cousin who would get out of bed and wander wherever she pleased. One frantic morning (it happened often), my aunt found her swinging at the park. Gulp. Hope you never have to feel that way again!

Kirsten said...

yikes! that is SO scary. so glad it all turned out okay.

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