Saturday, May 22, 2010

friday fringe recap on saturday...

Wow. Just wow! J.J., you did yourself proud. The Fringe finale was spectacular! Peter came back of his own will, hidden feelings were finally revealed, Walter and Belly had a reunion, identities were switched, dirigibles are the mode of air travel in the alternate universe, and we learned that Sam Weiss (bowling alley owner) might be an ally or an enemy thanks to an anagram in Walternate and Belly's mothballed Harvard lab (as well as the glyphs which spelled out, "W E I S S"). We learned that William Bell was the one who removed part of Walter's brain (supposedly at Walter's request). Alternate Olivia's Mom is alive, but her sister died while giving birth. Still no clues regarding our Olivia's Dad. And Astrid bakes when she is nervous - pie.

One of my favorite things from Part II of the finale was the Map of the Alternate United States - there are 48 stars on the Alternate Flag, and there are major changes to the geography of the AUS...One of my favorite fansites, FringeTelevision has posted a high res map (I don't want to copy and paste the image as it belongs to them. Here's a link.) A chunk of California is gone. Washington State is "Southern British Columbia" (perhaps this is a nod to the fact that the show is filmed in Vancouver, BC); Seattle and Olympia, SBC appear to be quarantined, too - sorry alternate family of mine. North and South Dakota have merged into "Dakota". Texas has split into North and South Texas. Looks like the general Albuquerque-Los-Alamos, New Mexico area has been quarantined. So has Orlando, one fan commented -- "no wonder they're so cranky in the alternate universe -- there's no Disneyworld." The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is gone (presumably part of Canada). There are other changes that are subtle.

A few of my pet predictions:

AlterCharlie is going to help our Olivia escape back into our reality. He seems quite disturbed by the direction his job in AlterFringe is taking - I think he could be sympathetic to our Olivia.

Peter is going to figure out very quickly that AlterOlivia is not "his" Olivia -- she's just too brash. Plus, she has that obvious tatoo on her neck. But, AlterOlivia is going to go down fighting and do some damage. Concurrently, OurOlivia's niece, Ella will figure it out quickly as well.

Olivia's cortexiphan is going to kick-in while she is in that awful sensory deprivation cell. Fear, after all, is how it kicked in last time -- havoc will ensue.

Peter's AlterMom might be sympathetic, as well, to Olivia's plight and could help her escape. Maybe she'll accompany her back to this side.

I have no theories about Sam Weiss. He's a wildcard. The weird guy in the typewriter shop is strange, too. He seemed perplexed when AlterOlivia asked to use the communication typewriter in back.

Strangely absent (other than the drawing given to Olivia): The Observers. Did they want Our Olivia to remain on that side? Perhaps she has to do something -- is she still The Gatekeeper?

I'm glad I'll be very occupied this summer with our move -- perhaps it will make time to the premiere fly by. At least I'm not locked in a sensory deprivation cell in an alternate universe while my double is infiltrating this THAT would be a bummer.

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