Friday, May 7, 2010

friday fringe recap - Northwest Passage

I kind of felt at home watching this episode -- being from Washington State, and all. I grinned at Mr. BikeMan when I saw "Snoqualmie, Washington" on the GPS readout in Peter's rental car. Been there a million times. So did anyone else feel the Twin Peaks vibe? Pie and coffee in a small-Cascade-range town coffee shop, out-of-town FBI agent, cute waitress, body dumped by the river, tall evergreens swaying in the wind coming down from the Cascades peaks? And how about that soundtrack by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam? But what was with "Noyo County, Washington?" What in the world does THAT mean? Other than simply being fictitious, it must have some significance - inside joke? a hint?

I know there were lots of hints in this episode, but I was knitting and mostly listening to dialogue...I'll have to re-watch to catch Easter Eggs. I never saw The Observer last night. I bet he was at the crown in the diner, though.

Favorite (Walter) quotes (aren't the best ones always uttered by Walter?):

"Potassium bromate! This supermarket is trying to kill us!" - Walter, reading the label for toaster pastries (He must've just watched Food, Inc... LOL)

Walter: "What am I going to do? Call you every time I run out of pudding pops? ... I need to learn to care for myself. If Peter doesn't come back, they'll send me back to the hospital."
Olivia: "I won't let that happen."
Walter: "Thank you ... and I do need pudding pops."

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