Saturday, August 7, 2010

how we spent our summer vaca...saturday

This Saturday has been the most beautiful weekend day we have experienced since we arrived. The humidity was manageable, the temperature was lovely (about 85) and the skies were blue, dotted with puffy clouds. There was a tiny breeze. I even saw a blue swallowtail butterfly flutter by. Perfect summer day.

Did we tour The National Mall? Did we visit Mount Vernon? No, instead we spent it pressure washing all of the hard surfaces around our home. We started at 10:15 am and finished at 4:45. (The hose ran the entire time, nonstop. I wonder how big our water bill will be...) Mr. BikeMan and I are both horrendously tired and we will be SORE tomorrow, but the trade off was worth it. Check out these before and after pictures.


Kellie said...

I don't know why this post never showed up in my reader!

So funny to see east coast scenery in your pictures! You're not in almost Mexico any more!

Hope you are getting settled in! We need to plan a visit!

ohio12 said...

glad we aren't the only ones doing home projects all summer. (preparing for houseguests is another favorite pastime!)it is satisfying when it is all done though isn't it?

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