Sunday, August 16, 2009

we are officially cable-TV less

What a feeling of freedom! The topic of time wasting, quality of watching and godliness has been heavy on our hearts. We decided and successfully killed the cable on Saturday afternoon.

I'm going to expand this post more...


Kellie said...

GOod for you! Looking forward to the rest of the post!

FamilyAudioLibrary.Com said...

Hi Friend,

My name is Christopher Reynolds. I am a customer service representative at FamilyAudioLibrary.Com, posting this comment through the company blog account.

I came across your very cool comment on A Matter of Days Audio, and I wonder if you'd be interested in reviewing the audio book for free for your blog?

If you're an iPod user, this could help with your TV-less transition, no?

All we ask is that we be able to reproduce any part of your review if you write one.

If you're interested, e mail me back ( ), and I'll set you up with a gift certificate code. Additionally, if your friends, family, and blog subscribers are interested, I'd love to create a discount coupon for them to our site after your review is published. We could offer an additional 20 percent off the price of our downloads (which are already guaranteed the lowest price!)

Let me know what you think. Thanks and God bless,


FamilyAudioLibrary.Com said...

uh, that e mail address again is ... sorry about that

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