Tuesday, August 4, 2009

oh be careful little eyes what you see...

On the way home from Bible study today, Ilsa proclaimed, "Mommy, it's a Clicker Car!" This seems to be the week of "Huh?" responses by Yours Truly. "Moooommmmy, a CLICKER CAR! Over dare [sic - she means "there"]." Sure enough, there was a vehicle with a huge COX logo plastered on the side. It only said, "COX". That was it. She recognized the logo from our digital cable TV clicker. (No, we haven't dumped it yet...we ARE GOING TO...it just hasn't happened...I promise. It will. Sooner rather than later. Yes it will.)

Nothing inherently wrong with her making that association, in fact, it's GREAT that she made that visual link. What an amazing capacity for learning the Lord has given children!! But this is my point: what am I feeding into my childrens' minds? It does matter what our kids see. A consistent diet of junk food will make your body fat. It's the same with minds.

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Joy said...

Very cute. Boy they soak it all in don't they. When my oldest was three, she would sing the jingle that went with JC Penney's when she would see the sign. I can still hear that little voice in the back seat say JCPenney I love your Style. So sweet.
They are smart and observant.
Your a great mom. They are learning lots of good things from you.


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