Wednesday, April 29, 2009

goldie, the garden, and grossification

1) Our 13th anniversary was two days ago; my darling husband made a giant announcement. He has a new love... his gold tooth that was put in place that morning. Strange, huh? This man just can't stop raving about how much he LUVS this gold crown in the back of his mouth! He calls it his personal bling. So since he can't go parading bling while wearing his uniform, he has this private little gangsta mini grille in the back of his mouth. PS -- He asked me to post this little tidbit...all his idea. I take no credit. He wanted me to post this creepy picture, too. Looks like a primal scream to me.

2) The garden is going to town! We now have 10 potato plants showing their happy little leaves above ground. We have eaten our first ripe tomatoes -- an orange cherry-type. Mmmmm. We have about 100 carrot tops, but I must have spilled the seed packet in one spot, because 90 of them are in one 6 inch circle. Ha! I attempted to not only thin then, but transplant those precious little roots into rows. It doesn't look promising, but I thought I'd give it a try.

3) I'm on my third antibiotic course in 5 weeks now. I won't grossify you with the details other than to say it is a persistent sinus infection. I'm using my neti pot religously, and my nurse gave me a rinse "recipe" that includes water, salt, baking soda, tea tree oil and aloe vera juice. I just haven't felt well enough to go out and get the ingredients. If you wouldn't mind praying, I know you are probably tired of reading my blog posts bemoaning my health. I'm just so ready for this stage of sickness to be done.


Yarnjeannie said...

I sure hope you are feeling better soon - sending prayers and hugs your way. LOL at your husband - aren't they precious?

We just put our garden in too and I'm trying potatoes for a change. Hope they grow!

Yarnjeannie said...

Oh, I just read my comment - I'm not laughing in a mean way at your husband - I just get a kick out of his wanting you to take a photo!

stephanie j. said...

Thanks for the prayers! I actually feel better today than I did yesterday. I hope that my staying up to 10:30 doesn't undo the good rest that I caught today, though :)-

I got the photo his request! I'm telling you, this tooth has taken on a life of its own in his mouth! I think the dentist must have put some sort of alien control device in it...maybe *that's* the reason he's so adamant about the picture, post, etc!. Ha! Yep, it's 10:30 and I should be in bed. I had better stop now. :)

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