Saturday, February 28, 2009

product placement = bambinoLUK & miniLUK

Found these cool educational toys from Germany recently. The system has been around for about 30 years and is widely-used worldwide. I can't begin to explain how it works, but it is worth going to their website and checking out the demo. To describe it poorly, the child uses tiles to match and you flip the "controller" (the plastic board doo-hickey) and it reveals clearly to your child whether or not they did it correctly by showing a picture that is obviously either correct or messed up.
I'm still weighing whether I'm going to get the bambinoLUK (the 3 - 5 year old version) for the girlies...I'm still in the "I must follow The Well Trained Mind exactly as written" stage of homeschool research and preparation, and I don't think these fit into the grammar stage model of learning. I bet I'll soften on this soon enough.
Click here to visit the manufacturer's website: beyond123.
The best prices I found were at Timberdoodle. They aren't expensive, but not dirt cheap. There is a more-advanced controller system (miniLUK) with more tiles that can be used from age 5 through probably high school. Some of those puzzles are really, really tough.

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