Wednesday, February 11, 2009

happy 5th birthday sweet ingrid!

Let me count the ways that I can not even believe Ingrid is 5. I recalled such sweet memories as I waited in bed Monday morning waiting for first light. From the fears of the night before her birth, to Chad telling me we had a beautiful baby girl as I came out of the post c-section delivery anaesthesia fog, to the flowers in the room, even the smell of the special lavendar lotion that my Mom had sent me for the hospital.

Monday was her day, although we stretched her birthday from Friday through Tuesday. Chad didn't know if he would be home on time Monday night, as his schedule can be unpredictable. We celebrated on Friday with her choice of dinner -- caesar salad, focaccia and strawberries (that's my girl!) -- we had her cake and opened gifts as well.

On Saturday we went to the Renaissance Fair (Society for Creative Anachronism central -- made for GREAT people watching). Sunday we went to church, rested, had leftover cake and just had an overall generally nice day.

Monday, her real birthday, was loooooong. She had her first eye appointment at 9:30 am, and we were told that she needed glasses, so we trucked over to the Mall and picked out glasses (finished in an hour, just like the promise), went to Chad's office to show them off (skipping lunch -- it's 12:55 at this point), "Mommy, I'm tired, I just want to go home", at the gas station 5 minutes from home: "Mommy, my glasses feel AWFUL -- we need to go get them tightened, crying, crying, crying", so back to the Mall for adjustment (it's about 2:30 now), then back home by about 3:30. I plopped the girls in front of the TV for an on-demand viewing of WALL-E while I made 48 cupcakes for her pre-k class on Tuesday, and finished her pink crocheted cardigan.
It was a ducky birthday all around -- what a switch from a few months ago. It was "Ariel, Ariel, Ariel!!!" She has returned to her ducky ways. (I'm thrilled.) I'm just so thankful to the Lord for her vitality, intellect, curiosity, beauty, personality and creativity. What a gift she is!
Happy 5th, Ingy Badingy!


Kellie said...

Happy Birthday!! And I smiled when I saw the duckies! I always think of her when I see duckies!

Steph, You looked so beautiful in that hospital pic! And your cake was fantastic... although its a toss up on wether I am more impressed over the cake or that fantastic pink shrug you made!

stephanie j. said...

Thanks Kellie! It was a great day. The shrug was SOOOOOOO AMAZINGLY EASY. I'll send you the link to make one for your DD. Truly -- if you have any basic crochet skill, you *will* be able to do this. The first one took about 5 elapsed hours, but the second one for Ilsa only took around 4.

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