Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy 5th birthday, little ladybug girl!

My baby is 5 today! She's an inquisitive, excitable, active, wonderful 5 year old, and we are very happy and thankful she is part of our family!

Five years ago today...Mr. BikeMan was preparing to deploy just two days after our Little Ladybug Lady was born.

Ilsa woke Mr. BikeMan and me up around 6:30 this morning, ready for her special day to start.

Yes, Ingrid is as moody today as she looks in this picture. She's having a hard time yielding the spotlight to the birthday girl.

Ilsa got her wish of a new dollhouse for her birthday, and a Baby Stella baby basket for her favorite dolly.

Ingrid found every ladybug item that Ilsa owns, and created a ladybug display to help her celebrate her birthday.


Yarnjeannie said...

Happy birthday to Ilsa! And what a wonderful sister she has to bring out her favorite ladybug items to help make the day special. You are blessed!

Kirsten said...

Happy birthday Ilsa! I remember the day you were born and thank God for the joy you are to your family.

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday Ilsa! You were a beautiful baby and now you are a beautiful girl!

Steph- You look amazing in that hospital photo!!

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