Friday, December 10, 2010

a christmas decoration brag post

Ilsa's favorite ladybug ornament
Notice that The Doctor has decided to pay Christmastown a visit...typical because aliens always invade on Christmas on Doctor Who.

Ingrid's special ducky ornament

The tree...the new camera does a good job without a flash

The advent calendar -- I dug myself into a bit of a hole with this. I set the expectation last year of a little treat in each pocket every day. It's hard to be creative 25 days in a row and to not break the bank, too!


Our beautiful HABA nativity set. The newborn Jesus has yet to make his appearance. We hide it until Christmas Eve. I see the traditional penguins are paying a visit, as well.

Yeah, I guess that I'm bragging, but I think our house looks pretty good this year :)


Soli Deo Gloria said...

I love the special ornaments!!! And yes- a beautiful tree! Enjoy!

Kirsten said...

The house looks great! Thanks for taking time to post pictures. So fun to see your growing girls!

matt n karisa said...

It's beautiful! And I can't believe how TALL your girls are--they grow up SO FAST!

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