Monday, April 5, 2010

happy easter!

This is one of those boring food and weather posts...but I like to create a historical record for the sake of memory keeping...see my memory post below, and you'll understand why.

As this will probably be our last predictably-hot Easter, we took full advantage of the beautiful desert springtime weather. The girls were able to wear summer dresses to church which they do every Sunday, but it still strikes me as strange for some reason -- an Easter dress without a white cardigan just seems off somehow.

I roasted a Top Sirloin roast on the grill prepped with a rosemary-garlic salt rub (rosemary is from our herb garden out back), grilled asparagus, and made crusty bread and creme brulee' for dessert.

While dinner was cooking, we had an outdoor Easter egg hunt in the backyard, complete with chocolate candy melting inside of plastic eggs, and then we ate our dinner on the back patio. After dinner, the girls rode their scooters and bikes up and down the street while I knitted on the front porch... pleasant all around, but still - mid 80's on April 4? Strange.


Kellie said...

Happy Easter!
Looks and sounds like your weekend was wonderful! Dinner on the patio is one of my favorite things....oh and Creme Brulee is a fave too!

matt n karisa said...

Good day. :) And I really like your dress, Steph!

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