Friday, April 2, 2010

fringe is back...woo hoo!

Anyone watch Fringe last night? It was totally awesome. The slyly retro 80's intro totally rocked, and sort of reminded me of Quantum Leap. Loved the balloon-fontish floating words :)

10 questions after viewing this episode:
  1. Why is Peter so important?
  2. Does Peter remember that This Side Walter is not his father? Hence, "Walter," not "Dad"?
  3. Where is Peter's mom?
  4. Are Alter Walter and Peter's Mom still alive? Searching? Wondering?
  5. So, Nina knew all this time...not sure how to ask this's too big.
  6. Are the Observers keepers of a particular timeline, hence their involvement to save Peter?
  7. Peter is extremely smart -- is this because of his Alter-Sidedness?
  8. What was the sickness which Alter Peter suffered? Something natural or Pattern-related?
  9. Did William Bell and Walter have a falling-out?
  10. And most importantly, when is Olivia going to tell Peter!!!!????

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