Thursday, March 26, 2009

it's starting to feel like I'm on an episode of "house"

Moms, do you ever thing you have "Munchhausen by Proxy"? You know, that weird disease where a parent gets some pschological satisfaction from seeing their children being treated at the doctor, so they either invent disease or heaven forbid, get their kids sick so that they'll be given special attention. I know I don't have it, I'm just venting....trying to lighten the mood around here.

Ingy is just not getting better, and I had to "grow a backbone" with the Tricare appointment line to get seen ON BASE and not get shuttled off to the off-base-no-continuity-of-care urgent care clinic again. So off to the Clinic AGAIN this morning. Does "scream therapy" help? (a report on NPR's Morning Edition this morning says, "no" by the way).

Oh by the way, I'm not the only Christian who likes to settle back for an episode of snarky "House" once in a while. Read this opinion piece over at World on the Web. I guess you could say the writers are Calvinistic in their outlook...House sure does have one thing right, he just hasn't recognized the remedy:
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick;
who can understand it? - Jeremiah 17:9


Kirsten said...

grrrr... I'm sorry to hear Ingy is STILL not well. We'll keep praying for her - and for YOU!

A Fun Family said...

is Ingy still having the same issues? Poor dear.
We'll keep praying for her.
Does she want to come play in the snow w/ us to cheer her up? We've got a foot of perfect white stuff :)

stephanie j. said...

I better not mention the snow to her...we'd never hear the end of it! Oh, would that be a cheerer-upper around here.

We did get an appt at clinic yesterday, and had the BEST pediatrician's visit since seeing Sue up in Almost Canada. She actually took the time to examine her carefully and just decided we need to put aside the natural plan (which I would favor) because of the pain she is in. It isn't a long-term solution, but her litlte GI system needs to get back on track... so strange given the great diet we have...

Kellie said...

Oh, let me tell you, getting transferred out of Almost Mexico was worth it over the health care alone.

It is just ridiculous.

I hoe you were able to get seen QUICKLY! and that the problem is being resolved!

Hope Ingy is feeling better!

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