Tuesday, January 20, 2009

kindergarten and two wheelin'

Monumental few days in this Almost Mexico, AZ household. We received our first notice from Ingrid's school for kindergarten registration. Would you lend me your wisdom parents? I have some questions about kindergarten:

1. To those of you with experience in sending children to kindergarten outside of the home, what hours and days of the week does/did your child attend? In other words, what is the most common format for kindergarten? Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9 - noon, Monday through Friday AM or PM, etc....

2. For those of you who home school/homeschooled kindergarten, what home school kindergarten curriculum did you use? A mishmash? Something out of a box? Has anyone utilized a State-provided, on-line supported curriculum for kindergarten?

The cake pictured above and to the right is in celebration of Ingrid getting rid of her bicycle training wheels! You go girl!

And not to be outdone by big sister, Ilsa potty trained this week! Literally overnight. I was practically in tears the day before because I was so tired of pullups and she had shown no interest whatsoever in doing the deed. The next day, she wanted underwear and nothing to do with pullups.


Karisa said...

We're far from kindergarten, but I (of course) have some opinions. Up here in Nearly Canada, everyone has switched to all-day kindergarten. Frankly, I think that is just too long of a day for these kids, ESPECIALLY if they did get to try preschool half-days as a transition. When I went to kindergarten, it was half-day everyday...and that's what I like. The daily routine remains the same, yet they aren't having to "learn while exhausted". As far as homeschool goes, that's definitely an option we're considering for our family. I know Joy B. has done the state-sponsored, at-home computer+curriculum. When we were there last spring, she was really liking it. :) I'm currently reading "A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver DeMille. It is my opinion that EVERYONE who is either a parent or a teacher should be REQUIRED to read this book. Definitely worth the read...even if you decide you don't want to utilize his brillian educational model, it's a good model for spiritual education and leadership in the home. So there. ;) I pray your decision comes easily and is obviously straight from God. :)

Karisa said...

oops...I meant "esp. if they DIDN'T get to go to half-day preschool"...silly me...and I do know how to spell BRILLIANT (what is UP with me?).

Kellie said...

KArisa is right...most schools have gone to full day kinder...

My son couldn't have made it a whole day in K... so we had him in private school for half day.

The Girl however did fine in full day...but she didn't have the luxury of afternoon naps the way the first child always gets! Because we had to go out to pick him up from school! ;)

As far as home schooling, I am a order it all packaged and ready, and then go through it and check off the list (unless I am inspired to be wild and do something extra!))

If you are considering homeschool my advice is to go for it! Your school will not look like anyone else's anyway. No matter what curriculum you choose. And girlfriend, if I can homeschool, YOU can!

WTG! Ilsa and Ingrid! So proud of both of you!

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