Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving 1

Preparation is the key, or at least so I am told. This was my schedule. The only reason I'm blogging this is so that I can remember for NEXT YEAR because it actually has worked very well...not an ounce of stress right now at 9:25 am!

Baked 2 loaves of bread for stuffing
Made and chilled dough for rolls
Braved Costco

High aspirations, little accomplished except cubing loaves of bread for stuffing and dried it on the counter.
Assembled granny smith apple/sweet italian sausage stuffing
Made cranberry sauce
Brined turkey (remember this one, Steph, it worked: use the little "playmate" cooler and ice packs)
Made gravy roux
Made turkey stock for gravy using the creepy stuff from the turkey
Baked two pumpkin pies, vacuum-sealed and froze one for Christmas

Got up at a decent hour -- at least decent for our house, 7:00 am
Took turkey out of brine and put in fridge on baking sheet to dry off a little bit
Iced turkey breast-side-down on rack
To be continued...

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