Saturday, November 29, 2008

ilsa's purple ahnsahmbleh (ensemble)

Ilsa' picked this outfit out herself. It is very purple. I really don't worry about what the girls pick to wear, as long as it is weather and occasion appropriate, especially for just playing or running errands. I never make fun of what they have chosen. But Chad did stifle a laugh.

I think I might try to always have either the top or pants in the wash so as to conveniently discourage purple flower overload. And then she found this paper gift bag with the gift wrap supplies! And she put my purple crochet scarf inside!!! I guess she likes purple.

By the way, this coordinated outfit includes a top, pants, socks, courdoroy jumper and button front dress of the same purple flower fabric. They were hand-me-downs from a good friend up in Almost Canada; she said that Ingrid (who never wore them because of her button wackiness) was the fifth girl to have them, making Ilsa the sixth. This is a testament to the quality and longevity of Hanna Andersson clothing!


Anonymous said...

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The Langes said...

I completely understand the whole not having clothes match! K loves to dress herself and I am more than happy to let her, although sometimes we end up leaving the house with teal wind pants and a hot pink flowered shirt on with line green socks and brown courderoy mary janes...but who cares :)

Darcy said...

Gotta Love Hanna Anderson!

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